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Emergency Medical Technician Programs

Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMT-B) serves as a vital link in the chain of the healthcare team. It is recognized that the majority of pre-hospital emergency medical care will be provided by the EMT-B. This program includes all skills necessary for the individual to provide emergency medical care at a basic life support level with an ambulance service or other specialized service. EMT-Bs provide services in an environment requiring special skills and knowledge in such areas as communications, documentation and transportation. This program provides an introduction to these concepts and the protocols applicable to Basic Life Support services in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Student will be capable of performing the following functions at a minimum entry level:

  • Administer basic cardiac life support
  • Recognize the nature and seriousness of the patient's condition or the extent of injuries and assess requirements for emergency medical care
  • Administer appropriate emergency medical care at a basic life support level based on assessment of the patient's condition
  • Dress and bandage wounds; position, lift, move and otherwise handle the patient to minimize discomfort and prevent further injury
  • Perform safely and effectively the expectations of the job description


Paramedics primarily work in the pre-hospital setting and are the "eyes, ears and hands" of the emergency room physician. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and paramedics differ in the fact that EMTs provide basic life support (bandaging wounds, splinting, etc.) and paramedics provide advanced life support (IVs, administering medication, etc.).

Students will be capable of performing the following advanced life support functions:

  • Venous cannulation (IVs)
  • Tracheal intubation
  • Administering medications
  • Advanced cardiac life support
  • Basic trauma life support
  • Pediatric life support
  • Cricothyrotomy
  • Chest decompression

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Emergency Medical Technician Programs: All-State - Allied Health

Emergency Medical Technician Programs - All-State - Allied Health