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Electrical Systems Technology

This program encompasses many facets of working with low-voltage electronic systems, both with installations and troubleshooting and repair. Students will be introduced to national, state and local regulations and building codes, safety practices, and the various career paths available in the field.

Through the introduction of the basic concepts of electrical theory, students will explore electrical quantities, Ohm’s Law, resistors, circuits, and measuring instruments. This program will also examine alternating current (AC) and how it produces most of the electric power used in the world.

Students will explore how electronics theory is applied in the electrical field, while learning about electronic devices commonly found in residential and commercial applications. Through classroom presentation and lab exercises, students will focus on low voltage wiring applications, such as audio, video, security, telephone, computer networking and wireless systems, in accordance with the requirements set forth by the National Electrical Code.

In addition, fiber optics is also explored. Students in the program will develop skills in cable preparation, handling, installation, termination and testing. Through both classroom presentations and lab exercises, students learn how to plan, wire, terminate, install, connect, test, integrate and troubleshoot the systems of today’s digitally integrated systems and networks.

Upon successful program completion, graduates will be awarded a diploma, and will possess the skills, as well as the necessary marketable job search techniques and skills, to gain entry level employment in the Electronic and Communications Technology field.

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Electrical Systems Technology: All-State - Allied Health

Electrical Systems Technology - All-State - Allied Health