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B.S. Graphic Design

Learn the art of graphic design for effective visual communications.

In today’s competitive business world, visual communications are essential to successfully connect with target markets. Whether through websites, blogs, periodicals, newspapers, annual reports, catalogs, direct marketing, advertising, or packaging, virtually all organizations have to use visual communications to perform successfully – and it is skilled graphic designers who generate the type and images that capture the hearts and minds of the organizations’ audiences around the world.

The Graphic Design program at Berkeley College offers an exciting curriculum that allows students to acquire the expertise needed to deliver creative results in the art and business of visual communications. Students explore the theory, language, and tools of graphic design and learn how to effectively apply their knowledge and skills in competitive industry environments. Expertise and visual aesthetics are refined by leveraging current industry software for web design, typography, and raster and vector manipulation, among others.

Benefit from:

  • A program that provides a strong foundation in the theory and language of art and design
  • Hands-on learning that allows students to develop the skills and abilities that are critical in today’s visual communications
  • The application and refinement of graphic design skills through various industry formats such as print publication and web design
  • Introduction to, and proficiency in, prevalent industry software
  • Valuable, practical experience through program-related, faculty-monitored internships or job-related assignments
  • A seamless transition between Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees


B.S. Graphic Design: Berkeley College

B.S. Graphic Design - Berkeley College