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Take your business talent to the next level. The business world is expanding, and employers value candidates with strong accounting skills paired with deep business knowledge. To help prepare our students, Briarcliffe College – Bethpage offers a unique program that combines an Accounting degree program and a Business Administration degree program that can allow them to graduate with the knowledge that is in demand by future employers. The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Program in Accounting at Briarcliffe College - Bethpage can help you prepare for the business world with confidence, as well as provide an in-depth education in accounting and finance so you can excel in a field you feel passionate about.

Follow Your Passion, Shine in Your Career.
When our students connect with their interests, it paves the way to lifelong career success. If you have a passion for accounting or auditing, or are interested in professional business career opportunities, the Business Administration degree program in Accounting could be perfect for you. A business career in accounting has many advantages:

  • Job opportunities in many industries
  • Use of critical thinking, problem solving, analytical, managerial, marketing, technological and team building skills

Briarcliffe does not guarantee employment or salary.

Accounting: Briarcliffe College

Accounting - Briarcliffe College