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Prepare for a career with possibilities. At Briarcliffe - Patchogue, the Accounting Diploma is specifically designed to get you working sooner in an entry-level position in the accounting field. The Accounting Training Program can provide students with a solid foundation in accounting principles and serve as a stepping stone to other degrees and professions.

Realize Your Passion, Achieve Your Career Goals
Capitalizing on your talents can lead to a lifetime of career success. Are you someone that is inspired by the exciting world of accounting?

Briarcliffe – Patchogue’s Accounting Training Program is designed to prepare students to become accounting professionals. These professionals can prepare financial statements, monitor loans, manage payroll, process accounts payable/receivable and billing. Beyond specific position duties, accounting professionals excel in business communications and technology and the Accounting Training Program can lead to other in-demand careers that offer real-world advantages in a growing industry.

The Accounting Diploma can serve as a stepping stone to a further education. Directing your passion can mean succeeding in career you love. The Accounting Diploma is the first step toward entering a growing job market. The Briarcliffe - Patchogue Accounting Training Program is designed to allow students to step into continued education such as an Associate in Applied Science with ease.

Why Choose Briarcliffe College - Patchogue for your Accounting Diploma?

We offer a professional and career advantage. The Accounting Training Program at Briarcliffe - Patchogue is designed with your career in mind. The curriculum offers a strong foundation of knowledge and valuable professional skills training. Graduates of the program can enter the marketplace with confidence and be prepared to excel and advance in their careers.

  • A commitment to resume building and career support
  • Solid foundation in theory or accepted accounting principles
  • Member of American Accounting Association
  • Emphasis on practical applications in accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, computerized accounting and computerized spreadsheets
  • Opportunity to focus on specialized skills for the accounting field
  • A curriculum design based on current accounting field trends
  • Commitment to the principles and applications of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

We offer an educational advantage. Students at Briarcliffe - Patchogue can receive a real-world education. We are dedicated to providing a rewarding student experience, and to offering the educational advantages that can make our graduates valued members of their industry and their community.

  • Practical applications in accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills training
  • A focus on professional behavior, good judgment and interpersonal skills
  • A focus on industry-current computerized accounting and spreadsheets
  • Specialized courses for those interested in the accounting field
  • Courses that allow transition to further your education
  • Consistent resume building and career support

Accounting: Briarcliffe College

Accounting - Briarcliffe College