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Surgical Technologist

As an entry-level Surgical Technologist, you perform essential tasks before, during and after operations. You work closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, registered nurses and other key surgical personnel in hospital operating rooms and outpatient surgery centers. Surgical Technologists play a critical role in surgical patient care. 

There are three major roles for entry-level Surgical Technologists - Scrub, Circulating Assistant and Second Assisting. Scrub, Circulating Assistant and Second Assisting Surgical Technologists have primary responsibilities in maintaining the sterile field, being constantly vigilant that all members of the team adhere to proper technique.

The Scrub Surgical Technologist in the Scrub role handles instruments, supplies and equipment necessary during the surgical procedure. They maintain a sterile environment and anticipate the needs of the surgeon.

The Surgical Technologist in the Circulating Assistant role obtains additional instruments, supplies and equipment while the surgical procedure is in progress. They monitor operating room conditions and assess the needs of the surgical team in order to provide safe patient care.

The Surgical Technologist in the Second Assisting role assists the surgeon and / or Surgeon's First Assistant during the operative procedure by carrying out technical tasks other than cutting, clamping, or suturing of tissue. The Second Assisting role is distinct from Surgeon's First Assistant and may be performed at the same time as the Scrub role.

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