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Mechanical Engineering Technology - Bachelor's

In 2.5 years, through our year-round schedule, you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology.


Our Mechanical Engineering Technology program focuses on problem solving and real-world application of applied engineering science and technology. Mechanical engineering technologists are real problem solvers with responsibilities ranging from those of a support technician to plant manager.

The curriculum prepares graduates for entry level employment in various public and private industries in positions such as:

  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical Product Design & Fabrication
  • CAD & Computer Graphics
  • Automation & Manufacturing
  • Machining & Mechanical Maintenance
  • Power Generation & Plant Management
  • Climate Control: Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning
  • Transportation: Vehicles & Infrastructure
  • Aerospace & Aerodynamics Industry
  • Systems Control

The program focuses on core areas such as:

  • Mechanical design and analysis
  • Material science and manufacturing processes
  • Thermal-fluid-energy sciences
  • Computer aided engineering graphics and analysis
  • Electro-mechanical devices
  • Instrumentation and controls

Building upon ECPI’s tradition of providing an interactive and “real world” hands-on education in technology, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Acquire knowledge, techniques, skills, and use modern tools of Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Conduct, analyze, and interpret experiments and apply experimental results to design and improve mechanical processes
  • Function effectively as a team member for the preparation of reports & presentations
  • Incorporate quality, aptitude, continuous improvement in both skills and professional behavior


  • Mechanical Engineering Consultant
  • Product & Materials Testing Technologist
  • Drafting & Computer Graphics Engineer
  • Manufacturing & Quality Management Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Plant Maintenance & Production Manager
  • Transportation Engineer
  • Power & Energy Engineer

Mechanical Engineering Technology - Bachelor's: ECPI University

Mechanical Engineering Technology - Bachelor's - ECPI University