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Dental Assistant - Diploma

The objective of the Dental Assistant program is to train students to acquire satisfactory skills and demonstrate competence in a variety of dental office procedures and laboratory techniques. The procedures and lab techniques include preliminary examination procedure, assisting at chairside using four-handed dentistry, charting, appointment scheduling, keeping patient records and sterilizing instruments. The assistant qualified in radiology may also take and expose radiographs. Students are evaluated in all areas of professional development including applicable spelling, terminology, theory and performance skills, as well as front office skills. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, students will be qualified to assume entry-level positions as a Dental Assistant in dental offices and clinics performing the lab techniques and office procedures described above.

Students enrolled in the Dental Assistant program are required to participate in Live Patient Dental Screening/Radiography Clinics. These clinics are conducted under the direct supervision of a Board Licensed Dentist and take place on alternating Fridays. Scheduled Clinic dates will be announced in advance and students scheduled to participate are expected to attend. Grading will be based on attendance and performance and will be averaged with the skills review grade.

Graduates of the program will be eligible to sit for the Radiation Health and Safety Examination (RHS) and the Infection Control Examination (ICE). The RHS and ICE examinations are administered by computer at participating Sylvan/Prometric Centers by pen and paper 3 times annually.

Dental Assistant - Diploma: Fortis

Dental Assistant - Diploma - Fortis