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Mental Health Technician Certificate

Mental health technicians can be found in many healthcare organizations. From hospitals to prisons and residential treatment programs to special school programs, mental health technicians offer support to doctors and other mental health or substance abuse treatment staff.

Mental health technician careers are expected to grow by 5 percent through 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In response, educational institutions are offering mental health technician certificate programs to accommodate those who want to work in the field. If you plan to work as a mental health technician, it is important to understand that as with all positions, your duties will vary depending on the type of organization that you work for.

According to the American Association of Psychiatric Technicians, which offers different levels of certification in the mental health technician field, a mental health technician provides care to individuals with mental illness or developmental disabilities. In addition, mental health technicians administer medications, assist in the creation and assessment of treatment plans and provide education to patients and their families.

Because mental health technicians work directly with patients, the following are just a few of the skills important to success in the career field.

  • Active listening
  • Decision making
  • Active learning
  • Coordination
  • Critical thinking

Most professionals working as a mental health technician are employed in a state, local or private hospital, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Below is a list of the types of organizations which employ most mental health technicians in 2012.

State, local or private hospitals: 56%
State government agencies, excluding educational organizations and hospitals: 27%
Residential care facilities: 8%
Outpatient care centers: 3%

If you decide to work as a mental health technician, your work schedule will likely vary by the type of organization which you’re employed and the responsibilities associated with your position. Some healthcare organizations, like hospitals, operate 24-hours a day. This allows mental health technicians to potentially work evening, overnight or weekend shifts.

If you want to work in the growing field of healthcare, are intrigued by topics relating to mental health and want to work directly with patients, a career as a mental health technician is worth considering.

Mental Health Technician Certificate: Globe University

Mental Health Technician Certificate - Globe University