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Associate of Science in Computer Animation

You’ve seen the movies, you’ve played the games, and now you’re ready to start creating the 3D animated characters, models, and worlds that you’ve been dreaming about. The Los Angeles Film School gets that, and we love it.

The Associate of Science in Computer Animation Degree Program starts by teaching you the fundamental principles and techniques of animation, and progresses into creating advanced computer-generated virtual models, characters, animations, and visual effects. You’ll learn to create 3D computer graphics for video games, commercials, television shows, theme park attractions, and short and feature-length films, all while working through a process that mirrors the entertainment industry.

Located in the heart of Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, The Los Angeles Film School combines the latest in technology with an advanced curriculum that gets you immersed in the world of computer animation. Our experienced instructors share their expert knowledge and techniques to help prepare you for a variety of careers across the entertainment world.

Associate of Science in Computer Animation: Los Angeles Film School

Associate of Science in Computer Animation - Los Angeles Film School