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Associate of Science in Recording Arts

Welcome to the Los Angeles Film School’s Recording Arts Associate of Science Degree Program. You are entering the incredibly diverse world of professional recording. In music production, songs and soundtracks are recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered. Feature films, television shows, and video games utilize separately created music, sound effects, and dialogue during the final re-recording mixing session to create an immersive multichannel surround mix. The Recording Arts program is designed to provide students with exposure in all of these areas and more. Whether your passion making music, creating the most realistic sound effects for video games, or being a storyteller in film and television, the coursework in the Recording Arts program has you covered.

In-depth theoretical and hands-on training with digital work surfaces and large format analog consoles, the centerpiece of a recording studio, helps you get comfortable in the pilot’s seat. Working with industry standard digital audio workstations, microphones, and both software- and hardware-based signal processing prepares you for any type of session. Let your imagination fly as you design and manipulate sound effects for on-screen action; record and sync the dialogue to picture during Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) sessions in your film sound courses. Work on set as the boom operator or sound mixer. Use virtual instruments to make and manipulate beats; experiment with microphone selection and technique to create a unique sonic signature for the songs you work on in music production classes. Throughout the program, you’ll spend time working side-by-side with your colleagues and instructors as you learn the key aspects of the recording process.

Spend quality time with our faculty, get up close and personal with industry guests, and log real time behind a recording console or digital workstation as we immerse you in the world of audio production. Because a foundation in general education is as important as knowing the most current techniques and equipment, you’ll develop additional skills that include time management, resume writing, communication skills, professional presentation skills, entertainment business, and how to prepare for that first step after school. And with your success in mind, Los Angeles Film School’s Career Development Department is there to provide guidance as you interview for internships and entry-level jobs in the entertainment media industry. In addition, our placement services continue to be available to you throughout your career.

Associate of Science in Recording Arts: Los Angeles Film School

Associate of Science in Recording Arts - Los Angeles Film School