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Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

The Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies is designed for students who want a foundation in general studies, a substantial core of Biblical and Theological studies, and studies in a Christian service or ministry area. The degree prepares students to be more effective servants and leaders in the local church, or as preparatory for further undergraduate degrees in a variety of disciplines.
As a regionally accredited university, Mid-Atlantic Christian University prepares students in the Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies with the academic rigor of a large university but in a trusting, caring  Christ-centered learning driven modality that is central to the identity that is MACU.  Graduates of this program are prepared for the marketplace, ministry or for the next step in their academic progress. 

Students successfully completing the Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies will:
•    think critically;
•    communicate effectively;
•    know the flow of biblical history including major persons and events;
•    understand and explain key doctrines of Scripture;
•    develop basic skills to use and evaluate tools for Bible study;
•    demonstrate the ability to study independently a passage of the Bible using proper methods and tools;
•    grow in love for God, for the church, and for the lost as evidenced by the testimony of consistent Christian character and service.

Your two-year plan includes:
General Studies
Biblical Studies

About Mid-Atlantic Christian University:
Mid-Atlantic Christian University was founded in Elizabeth City NC in 1948. MACU is primarily supported by independent churches and members, who are part of a heritage commonly known as the Stone-Campbell or Restoration Movement. The Restoration Movement promotes Christian unity on the basis of the Bible and without denominational structure. MACU is a biblical community whose mission is to impact the world by transforming ordinary people into extraordinary Christian Leaders.

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies: Mid-Atlantic Christian University Online

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies - Mid-Atlantic Christian University Online