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Bachelor of Fine Arts, Fine Art - Sculpture

Our courses will challenge and extend your definition of sculpture. Moving far beyond simple formed clay, our program reaches across disciplines and incorporates all sorts of materials including wood, fabrics, metals and ceramics. In addition to pushing the envelope with materials, you’ll become well-versed in unconventional approaches to art: installation, relational aesthetics, electronics, interactivity, conceptual projects, performance art, eco art, and trans-disciplinary actions. Your sculpture classes will cover explorations of the creative process, sharpening your visual thinking skills, understanding real-world exhibition concerns, and of course, creating art with a whole host of traditional and contemporary materials.

Like other Fine Arts majors, our Sculpture students are encouraged to take classes from every arm of the department. By building your skills in printmaking, photography, or even jewelry making, you’ll strengthen your future contribution as a professional artist.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Fine Art - Sculpture: Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Fine Art - Sculpture - Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design