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BS Health Science w/Con Nuclear Medicine

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science program with concentration options prepare students to assume leadership roles in the field of Imaging Sciences. The ASRT recognizes the baccalaureate degree as the professional level of radiologic science education. Typically, a bachelor's degree is required for entry-level management positions at the departmental level within healthcare organizations or faculty positions in associate degree programs. Imaging department managers are often responsible for multi-million dollar facilities and equipment and a significant number of employees. Imaging Science educators are responsible for administering educational programs, developing operational budgets, instruction, and maintaining program integrity and accreditation. To make effective decisions, leaders in imaging need to be open to different opinions, analyze contradictory information, understand finance and information systems,and interpret data. Motivating others to implement their decisions requiresstrong leadership abilities. Tact, diplomacy, flexibility, and communication skills are also essential. The degree programs facilitate matriculation of diploma orassociate degree imaging professionals to the bachelor's level. Individuals that are in good standing with the ARRT will be awarded 80 hours of credit upon successful completion of HSC 4210 in the Radiography Concentration.

Radiography Concentration

The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Health Science with Concentration in Radiography is to prepare students to qualify for advanced positions within a health care team dedicated to the conservation of life and the maintenance of health, which includes prevention and treatment of disease by:

  1. Providing a quality education, both clinical and didactic, in the health sciences to prepare health professionals for advanced positions or leadership roles in accordance with professional and accreditation guidelines;
  2. Broadening a student's knowledge, cognitive skills, and generalize theoretically learning through liberal arts and science studies;
  3. Promoting the health professions by addressing the significance of specific roles and associated professional issues;
  4. Providing competent health practitioners with educational experience beyond an associate degree level with in-depth concentrated learning experiences;
  5. Expanding and enhancing job mobility and promotion for health professionals;
  6. Providing the health care community with a professional competent andappropriate workforce.

Nuclear Medicine Concentration

The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a Concentration in Nuclear Medicine is to provide a comprehensive educational program that prepares current radiologic technologists to become entry-level nuclear medicine technologists that provide quality patient care, actively participate in the profession,and pursue life-long learning by:

  1. Educating competent, efficient, and effective nuclear medicine technologists;
  2. Supporting the development of diverse skills to participate in current and emerging technologies;
  3. Encouraging student scholarly and professional activities after graduation;
  4. Promoting and enhancing student development of integrative, critical thinking, and written, verbal, and computer-based communication skills.

The program is designed for those current Radiologic Technologists seeking education beyond the associate degree level. Upon successful completion of this program, the student is eligible to apply for admission to write the primary certification examination provided by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

BS Health Science w/Con Nuclear Medicine: South College

BS Health Science w/Con Nuclear Medicine - South College