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Court Reporting

Court Reporters have a major role in the accurate and timely reporting of events that shape business, law and politics. This is a career field that affects Business, Law, and Politics and makes a huge impact on people’s lives.

Court Reporters use a stenotype machine to create verbatim transcripts of speeches, conversations, legal proceedings and meetings. The role of a court reporter is not only important in judicial proceedings but also in any occasion where the spoken word must be recorded and available as a written transcript. Court Reporters are not limited to working in a court room; they can also be found in law offices, business offices, conventions, legislatures, and even at home working as independent contractors or freelancers.

The Court Reporting Program at Sumner College can help prepare you for the many career opportunities available for skilled Court Reporters: Official Court Reporter, TV Closed Captioner, Educational Reporter, and more… You will receive intensive instruction on the stenotype machine. You will also gain valuable insight into all areas surrounding court reporting, from transcription styles and procedures to court reporter ethics and reporting software.

Court Reporting: Sumner College

Court Reporting - Sumner College