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Government Contract Management-Healthcare Management-B.S.

The mission of a Bachelor of Science degree in Government Contract Management is to provide theoretical and practical application knowledge in contract management which enables graduates to successfully enter and excel in their professional field while improving their ability to think critically and communicate effectively in academic and personal settings.

Program Learning Goals
Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Government Contract Management are able to:

  • Evaluate issues as business managers and apply ethical principles and sound judgments to resolve contracting issues.
  • Work in teams, apply customer needs analysis, procurement strategy development and source selection skills necessary for successful contract performance.
  • Demonstrate the use of effective written and oral business communication skills.
  • Prepare and analyze financial statements and managerial reports using various accounting standards, theories and techniques.
  • Apply technology to analyze problems, develop business analyses and recommend management decisions and actionable strategies in pricing, cost analysis and managing contract issues.

Government Contract Management-Healthcare Management-B.S.: University of the Potomac

Government Contract Management-Healthcare Management-B.S. - University of the Potomac