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Bachelor of Arts in English

The English Major at Victory University engages students and faculty in a growing understanding of Christian Worldview as disclosed in the study of writing, literature, and film.  Our mission is to shape the souls of our students by guiding their pursuit of wisdom through the study of literature as it discloses its truths about literary art, human experience and Christian faith.

Victory University faculty members of the Department of Arts and Sciences strive to teach students some things aside from how to fit into mainstream suburban America. We are dedicated to a penitential love of God and humbly work to integrate faith and learning, though we admit our failures and seek forgiveness from God, one another, students, and parents. We offer our teaching as a sacrifice of love to the Holy Trinity, while disciplining ourselves to read and write more so that we can become even better teachers. We eschew educational fads, aiming instead to elevate our students’ minds and souls by having them read and write about difficult texts. The Bachelor of Arts in English is a 120 credit hour degree program available on-campus only.

Bachelor of Arts in English: Victory University Online

Bachelor of Arts in English - Victory University Online