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Alzheimer’s Cure by 2025?

Alzheimer's disease is becoming a bigger problem as our population ages, with an anticipated $1 trillion cost in medical and nursing home expenses by 2050, and an alarming 13 million to 16 million victims. To say this is a major concern for our future would be an understatement. Without considerable research and headway into treating and hopefully curing Alzheimer's, it could become the largest threat to senior health.

Significant advances have been made into Alzheimer's research, and scientists recently announced two exciting discoveries. First, they have isolated a protein that is believed to contribute to Alzheimer's, giving them the potential ability to block it and hopefully reverse or prevent the disease. The second announcement is the discovery that a certain skin cancer drug can help clear the brain of another Alzheimer's protein. While we are gaining ground on this terrible disease, much more needs to be done.

For that reason, the Obama administration officially set a goal to find a treatment for Alzheimer's by 2025. The National Alzheimer's Plan will focus not only on treatment and prevention, but also on enhancing the daily care Alzheimer's patients receive.

Just a few weeks after this announcement, the Obama administration announced that it is going to increase funding for Alzheimer's research by an impressive $80 million, bringing the total to more than $500 million. This is a major boost toward creating research opportunities and drug options that can treat, if not cure, Alzheimer's.

Now is an exciting time to become part of the medical industry, and those who pursue health and medicine degrees are aptly positioned to find lucrative careers in Alzheimer's research and treatment.

The additional funding earmarked for Alzheimer's research will fund labs, studies and clinics, all of which need competent, educated personnel to operate them. If you have been on the fence about getting a degree, now is the time to act. As this funding becomes available, so too do the jobs. Getting your choice of health and medicine degrees can help you play a part in the research that could lead to a cure to eradicate Alzheimer's once and for all.

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