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Channeling Pink Floyd: Education

Eventually, every mid 20-something will have reached a point in their life where they are totally, completely, and utterly frustrated with education. They're frustrated with the commonly accepted and lifestyle-changing definition of "education." It seems that education has become nothing more than a rat race for status- during which many talented and truly intelligent individuals are lost. You will undoubtedly meet, and hopefully, befriend MANY individuals who have knowledge that far surpasses some of the individuals that have succeeded at achieving a "higher education". For which all those individuals have to show is only a piece of paper saying that they are certified. Certified in what? The answer to that question they oftentimes don't even know.

Dejectedly, education is sometimes used to intimidate people- to make them think that they are smaller than others that have bought more than them. Sure, there are definitely people that are pursuing and have a "higher education" that are very smart and use it to the best of their abilities and passions- but unfortunately this isn't always the case. A PhD can be used by individuals in leadership positions to belittle and undermine those that haven't been in school as long- and most of the time doing it with little or no passion or cause. A degree should be more than something that is bought. Moreover, don't let this stop you.

Should you pursue secondary education and a degree? ABSOLUTELY. However, be passionate about it. Don't let anyone dictate your life choices. As that is exactly what this is, a LIFE choice. Earning your degree in a field you are zealous about is a life altering choice with the potential to affect your financial, social, and personal status. Never lose track of why you began devoting time and money into your education. It is true that a degree is technically only a piece of paper, but that piece of paper is what will open doors for you to truly shine through. What counts is what you do once you have earned your degree.

Take time to evaluate yourself and what you desire from your future. Inform yourself of all of your options and potential routes to take. Use remarkable tools like to help you figure out everything from degree and program choices to financial aid. Take this as a challenge to never feel undermined by those who are only above you because they have a piece of paper that says they know more. Challenge their thoughts with your own and the respectable person will either emerge or will not- and that is when you will learn to respect or not to respect a degree.

Magazine Influence Article Review

Making Connections: Exploring the interactive and integrative dimensions of magazine influence W. David Gibson, Ph.D. Rutgers University

The study depicted how magazines resemble features of people's everyday lives. They are a medium that exists everywhere, from public places as supermarkets or newsstands to private places as bathrooms. Gibson breaks down his study into categories. These include the abilities of magazines to connect in terms of personal insights, theme, affiliation, the self, personification, recognition, change and adaptation, consistency, the senses, projection, utility, space, durability, attachment, collecting, and alternative use. Gibson then uses magazine examples, such as The National Geographic, to show how it portrays these categories. By demonstrating these categories in various magazine examples, Gibson was able to demonstrate how magazines are based upon a person's everyday life and routine.

As a scholar, I believe this article was well written and provided very good examples to support Gibson's theory. The article made me think more of media influences today besides magazines, such as television. Questions that came to mind while reading this article were: are we really influenced by media, or are media influenced by us? Is it a mixture of both? After thinking about my own experiences and discussions we had in class, in my opinion, I honestly think it is a mixture of both. For example, most television shows coming out are based on what is perceived to be our everyday life, such as "Big Man on Campus." or they are based on what the audience relates to or wish their life was like such as "Sex in the City" or "Friends." Going back to magazines, look at the skinny models. Teenage girls use these pictures as a guide of what a girl in today's society is supposed to look like. Magazines publishers look at these images as what teenage girls want to see in a magazine and feel that they relate to them.

Furthermore, I believe this article relates to the Communication and Society class because media communicates a message to people, and this is what the article was trying to express about magazines.

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