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Doctorate Degree Programs Growing in Popularity

Doctorate Degree Programs Growing in Popularity

Monday, May, 14, 2018 05:19PM

One Ivy league school is now offering a doctorate degree program in law that allows individuals to pursue careers as educators. Earning an online doctorate degree in business, for instance, paves a way for students to conduct scholarly research and apply theoretical concepts to their academic and professional life.

The new program will begin in fall of 2013 and will begin accepting applications this fall. The three-year course will prepare professionals with up-to-date information regarding the profession, its growth and how to adapt. In the first year, Ph.D. students will take courses that will qualify them to appropriately research a dissertation.

Participating in an accredited degree program to earn a Ph.D. will give students a solid foundation to be a leader in the industry. Taking online courses to earn the degree is helpful for working professionals that aren’t able to quit their jobs to go back to school.

"Each learner has an opportunity to make an impact, whether that's to inspire change within organizations, communities and professions, or to improve the lives of individuals and families," doctoral candidate Elizabeth Folcarelli said of earning her degree. Folcarelli was recently appointed as the president and chief executive director of Youth Opportunities Upheld, Inc.

With a doctorate in business, graduates can pursue a career as an HR manager, business analyst, business researcher and more. While studying, topics generally covered range from microeconomics to business philosophies. Courses will take an in depth look at local economy and how a business can survive or how to be a leader in a tough situation. Marketing is often a main focus of a business education as well because it allows an owner or executive staff member to oversee any marketing tactics. 

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