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Why Study Advertising Design?

Advertising design is a specialized subset of the advertising industry utilizing the creative talents of illustrators, computer aided design specialists, writers and other individuals to formulate aesthetically pleasing, poignant advertisements across multiple mediums. Known as the think tanks of the advertising world, advertising design specialists are the people who put it all together through testing and evaluation.

Great ads are rarely the product of on individual, and today’s marketing firms use a variety of individuals to get their message across in a way that maximizes the economic impact of the ad campaign for the client.   By going into advertising design, you can be a part of that team and provide some of the creative input that will ultimately lead to success. 

Making the decision to go into advertising requires a commitment to the creative processes that govern successful advertising campaigns. Aside from that, you’ll need a comprehensive understanding of how different mediums require different strategies in order to achieve optimal results. An advertising design degree program can give you the training and skill sets to analytically attack problems from multiple angles without losing sight of the creativity necessary to flourish in the industry.

Each of the advertising design programs featured on are offered from fully accredited colleges and universities dedicated to your academic fulfillment and success. You can browse our program listings with confidence knowing each can provide you with an education you can depend on to help you succeed. Get started by requesting more information today.

Featured Advertising Design Degree Programs

International Academy of Design & Technology Online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising and Design International Academy of Design & Technology Online
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising and Design
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This program prepares students in the design, creation and implementation of advertising...
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