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Why Study Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion merchandising is an incredibly exciting field, and with the prevalence of boutique retail, there are far more employment opportunities in the industry than ever before. Part design and part marketing, fashion merchandising degree programs teach you the skills necessary to make your mark in the competitive world of retail fashion through course curriculum involving advertising, fashion sketching, fashion design, accounting, business economics and so much more.

From palatably homogenizing the latest designs from their original runway incarnations to detailing the method by which designer's goods are to be displayed to the public, there are many facets to the fashion industry that are dealt with by fashion merchandising professionals. Indeed, fashion merchandisers do so much more than decide on purchasing decisions and design merchandising displays. They are often the primary decision makers between the fanatical and the feasible in the fashion world.

If this sounds like something you were made for, why not request more information on the many fashion merchandising degree programs available through By contacting our affiliated universities, you ll be putting yourself in touch with admissions advisors who can help you decide which educational opportunity is right for you. In no time, you could be taking your first fashion design course and well on your way toward graduation. Don't keep sketching away and longing for a better career while your dreams go to waste. Get started on your future today through

Fashion Design Degree

International Academy of Design & Technology Online Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising International Academy of Design & Technology Online
Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising
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This program provides students with hands-on coursework and instruction by professionals in the...
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