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Auto Detailer

Auto Detailer

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Why Study Auto Detailer?

Automotive detailing businesses are extremely profitable, and that trend is likely to continue as more and more cars, trucks and utility vehicles are on the roadways year after year. If you’re an entrepreneur interested in starting your own business, becoming an automotive detailer can provide you with the skills to get things started.

Automotive detailing is a complicated endeavor. Both the interiors and exteriors of cars, trucks and SUV’s take a beating from day to day use and can quickly become problematic for the owner who wished to maintain their vehicle’s good looks and condition. What complicated the process is that there are many surfaces which need to be dealt with while detailing, from leather, faux leather, plastic and composite interiors to painted, chrome, impact plastic and polycarbonate exteriors. Each has their own properties for cleaning and repair, which an auto detailer must know in order to effectively maintain a vehicle.

With training from the affiliated colleges featured on, you can become an auto detailer in as little as 3 months. Auto detailer training programs vary in length, but most offer short-term, intensive hands on study designed to quickly familiarize with the best methods for restoring vehicles to showroom new condition. Request more information today and learn how you can start your own auto detailing business.

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