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Travel and tourism courses are available through If you’ve ever dreamed of an exciting career in the travel and tourism industry, why not take a look at the educational opportunities available to you.

Travel and tourism is a phrase that often gets misunderstood by those searching for a career path. While the travel industry is certainly booming, there are many positions outside of those typically associated with airfare and vacation packages within the travel and tourism industry. Travel and tourism courses can open the door to careers in all areas of the hospitality industry as well as within tourism hotspots around the world. In fact, most cities and resort areas popular with tourists have several tourism related industries as well as municipal administrators working to bring new visitors to the area while ensuring that incoming visitors leave satisfied with their trip or vacation. offers information on several different subsets within the travel and tourism industry. Whether you are interested in general travel and tourism courses, hospitality management, restaurant management, coordinating executive travel or working in the cruise ship industry, you can find exactly what your looking for with 866.

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