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Why Study Gerontology ?

As societal family ties weaken, more elders find themselves alone in retirement. Gerontology is study of how age affects people mentally and physically. There is no question that with age, changes occur. If this is something that interests you, than earning a degree in Gerontology might be right for you.

Graduates with a degree in Gerontology have a plethora of careers to choose from. Gerontologists can serve as social workers, nursing aids, social scientists, and healthcare managers. This diverse field can lead you to any position dealing with elderly care, human services and healthcare. Government agencies, nursing homes and retirement housing facilities are always in need of qualified individuals with a degree in Gerontology and a desire to help. can help you begin a career in this rewarding field. All of the degree programs on are fully accredited. Earning your online degree in Gerontology will give you the acquired skills needed to lead a successful career.  Fill out a request form today and get started.

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