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Why Study Plumbing and Electrical?

Accredited electrical and plumbing technical training schools offer the cutting edge, hands on instruction and a real-world simulated environment in which to learn the skill sets needed to become an electrician or plumber.  866MyMajor is your online source for some of the best electrical and plumbing schools in the nation. 

Electricians and plumbers offer a vital service within society, keeping the lights on and the water running, so to speak.  Neither trade is easy to master, but both can provide a sizeable income for those who manage to do so.  Both the plumbing and electrical trades are often unionized, although private licensed contractors also have a niche within the residential (and occasionally commercial) building trade and often find themselves handling home repair issues or smaller service calls.  With rates that can vary from 25 to well over 100 per hour, either path is quite lucrative. 

Trade related educational programs such as those for electrical and plumbing are typical two years or less in length.  They are distinct from other collegiate offerings in that they rarely require the additional unrelated coursework that other educational paths require.  I as little as 18 months, you could eligible to begin a high paying career in the electrical or plumbing trade. 

866MyMajor features some of the best electrical and plumbing schools in the nation.  Simply browse the listings above and request more information to be contacted by an admissions officer who can guide you through the steps toward enrollment.

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