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One of the first steps to choosing the right college should be applying for student financial aid. Many people believe that school is much more expensive than it actually is. Although some schools are expensive, there is most likely a school near you that will accept federal student financial aid and meet your financial standards. You should know that not every distance learning course or online degree is accredited and/or eligible for federal student aid. To find out whether you can receive federal student aid for your program, check with your school's financial aid department. For more information about distance learning, click here.

Question: Does anyone want to give money loans?

Posted on April 07, 2020 at 05:01 AM

Question: Are you in any kind of financial difficulty? IF YES! Contact Cedric SunTrust Finance Limited® For small and business loan

Posted on April 06, 2020 at 04:43 PM

Question: Federal Student loans in default. Still eligible for COVID19 relief money?

Hello I have been unable to find the answer I am looking for. My fiance is in default for his student loans. They took all of his 2019 tax return already. Will they take this from him as well? 
Posted on April 06, 2020 at 04:30 PM

Question: Do you think its a bad time to find a job?

Im a 20 year old college student and I've been focusing on school for these past months but recently I decided that I wanted to work again because my savings from previous jobs were starting to run low. I don't have much financial responsibilities and I'm still living with my parents, I was looking and then this corona outbreak happened. Do you think I should move forward and find a job or wait for my safety? Thanks !
Posted on April 06, 2020 at 02:24 PM

Question: Im desperate, life keeps the punches coming and death is breathing down my neck.?

I don't know what to do. I'm a 26 year old man. I've dedicated my life to taking care of my mother who's been in and out of the hospital since I was 8. Sacrificed my education, friendships and opportunities in the process. I don't regret it. However now that she's recently passed I'm stuck in a desperate situation. I've no job, no job or credit history having largely been self employed, no money, a broken shoulder, lost my truck in an accident driving home that night from the hospital, no GED or other form of education, no friends, no family that can or perhaps won't help me, A failing go fund me, Covid 19 ravaging my state further reducing my opportunities and stuck in the country 6 hours walk/bike from any work. It took everything I had just to make it one way to an affordable store with the last of my money. If it wasn't for some friendly passerbys I might not have made that 6/8 hour return trip. I have days of knee recovery ahead of me after that trek. My bills have no sympathy for my plight. I won't even see that money from this Covid 19 relief bill, related go fund me's or charities. It took my business before it could even be a proper official buisness. Im a depressed mess who's only seeing death quickly approaching. Everything I've tried has crumbled between my fingers. I don't want to take the same way out my father did to avoid a slow death. The only good thing I have is my house that I own. Once I lose electricity, I lose my food and thus my time dwindles further. Didn't even make it a question. Guess what I'm looking for is some kinda advice from perhaps someone who's been, if not in my shoes, at least near them. I've this month alone to figure something out. Ide prefer not to go into debt I can't pay or get a loan, if I can even get one, that I equally won't be able to pay. Thank you for the consideration.
Posted on April 05, 2020 at 01:45 AM

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