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Why Study English as a Second Language?

English as a second language is an extremely popular course of study, especially for the many thousands of immigrants to the United States and other English speaking countries each year.  An ESL teaching degree can provide you with the specialized skill to teach English both here at home or abroad.  866MyMAjor is your source for fully accredited ESL teaching degree programs, and can help you on your quest to complete your education and enter the instructional field. 

Many languages around the world are related, and while those who speak a language similar to English may flourish when attempting to learn it, others will have a most difficult time.  A native Spanish speaking person can usually draw the associations between many common English and Spanish words, while a native Japanese speaking person will likely find the change much more foreign and difficult to master.  An ESL teaching degree will help you manage the needs of students who have some English awareness, minimal English awareness and of course, none whatsoever. 

If you’ve considered a career abroad an ESL teaching degree is a great educational choice.  Those who possess the right undergraduate education in addition to an easily earned TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) certificate will have almost unlimited opportunities overseas in a variety of countries.  ESL degrees are also popular at home, with many metropolitan cities offering English language training centers for new immigrants.

Browse our ESL teaching degree and request more information today.  You could soon be on your way to the rewarding and fulfilling teaching position of your dreams.

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