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The Many Benefits of Attending a Public University

Whether you’re just out of high school, or you’re a bachelor’s graduate looking to continue your studies, choosing the right college is never an easy task. For many the hardest part of the decision is choosing whether to go public or private – both provide students with vastly different experiences, and come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Many assume that because of their lower tuition rates public universities cannot compete with private schools, and that is just not true – both can provide students with an excellent education. In fact choosing to go the public education route comes with several advantages.

Affordable Tuition Rates

One of the biggest advantages of attending a public university is cost. Funded by tax dollars, and being under constant pressure to keep affordable tuition, public universities will end up costing you less than you’d spend on education at a private institution. You’ll be getting discount prices without sacrificing quality.

A Diverse and Exciting College Experience

Public universities also excel in providing students with a diverse and very enjoyable college experience. Public schools attract people from all walks of life – some rich, others poor, a handful foreign, and many local. You’ll end up meeting many people you wouldn’t have otherwise met. The friendships, connections, and college-life all amount to a very valuable experience.

Public universities are also known for having an abundance of resources available to students, resources that make the learning process easier. You’ll always have a nice, quiet place to study, as well as a reliable internet connection and printers for the days that they just aren’t working at home.

State-Verified Professors, Guaranteed

By choosing the public education route you’ll be able to go to class knowing all your professors are accredited and verified by the state, this means every professor is sure to have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly teach you. Public education has a very strict employment standard, a standard which means every professor has had to prove they are capable of teaching, explaining, and helping students achieve their academic goals.

In the end making the decision to go to a public university is one you will not regret. The experience given by public schools is an unforgettable one; an experience that will open your eyes to many new things, and an experience that will truly change who you are for the better.


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