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Why Study Counseling?

Elementary and high school counselors are in demand.  Find online masters degree in school counseling programs at your distance learning education portal,

School counselors are charged with a serious task within our nation’s educational systems.  Working with a student population in the hundreds (and often thousands), they are required to be available, responsible and most of all, reliable for students who have mild to serious emotional issues that can interfere with their ability to receive a good education.  The position is challenging, to say the least, and those who accept it must come to terms with the fact that they may, at some point in heir career, have the responsibility of identifying and assisting a child who has been neglected or abused. 

For undergraduates with right prerequisites, an online masters degree in school counseling is the educational path toward a career in elementary or high school employment.  Within two short years, you could be on your way to assisting children in their academic pursuits while earning a comfortable salary above the industry average for teachers.  With school funding on the rise after years of education initiatives by the federal and state governments, jobs are becoming more plentiful each year. 

866MyMajor features only fully accredited educational opportunities from some of the most well respected online and campus based institutions across the US.  Browse our masters degree program listings in education with confidence and request more information today, so that you can get started on a career you’ll be proud of.

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