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Why Study Culinary Management?

When most people think culinary education, they envision long days and nights in test kitchens preparing various dishes and perfecting their kitchen skills. Few give thought to the managerial side of the culinary field, which can be just as rewarding and far more lucrative. While liquor has a high profit margin, food is quite the opposite. Managing a modern restaurant, especially when fine dining is concerned, requires careful attention to what is being offered and whether it satisfies the patronage. Add to that the responsibility of managing the back of house staff, maintaining equipment and budgeting, and it’s easy to understand why qualified culinary management is a necessary part of successfully running a fine dining establishment.

Get the culinary education you need to become a back of house management professional through the affiliated colleges, universities and professional training schools featured on We can help you access the educational opportunities that will turn your passion for kitchen management in a rewarding career.

At, each of the culinary education programs we feature is from a fully accredited institution. The significance of accreditation cannot be overstated, as accreditation is the standard by which educational institutions are measured. We understand and promote the importance of obtaining a culinary education that will help you reach your professional goals and give you a competitive edge in the employment market.

The sooner you take the initiative toward fulfilling your dreams, the sooner you can begin enjoying the increased financial stability and upward mobility that a culinary management career can provide.

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