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Why Study Radiography?

Searching for radiography courses in the pursuit of a challenging and high paying career in the field of radiography?  866MyMajor is your one stop educational portal to some of the best medical field training opportunities in the nation. 

The field of radiography is oft misunderstood by the general public in regard the function it serves within the medical community. Radiography helps physicians see, with extreme clarity, the condition of dense surfaces within the body.  Unlike sonography, radiography cannot distinguish between the vital organs and tissues.  For bone mass, however, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered (no pun intended).

Radiography courses will teach you the fundamentals and intricacies of x-ray science, giving you professional training on the machinery, safety guidelines and practices that will help you enter this very much in demand field.  With the proper training from an accredited college or university, you could be well on your way toward a rewarding career as an radiography technician. 

Click on the link above to get started.  You can request more information and find all you need to know about what radiography courses entail, available degree programs and the length of time needed to complete a full course of study.  As always, is committed to providing you with only fully accredited educational opportunities so that you can make the most of your future.

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