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Why Study Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy technician training through a fully accredited college or university is available through the affiliated education providers featured on Pharmacy technicians work side by side with pharmacists to deliver required medications accurately. From inventory and measurement to dispersing medications, they are the backbone of pharmacies across the nation, including those in your neighborhood.

Online or campus based pharmacy technician training through an accredited online degree program can be completed in as little as 9 months. Many who plan to go to a bachelors in chemistry and eventually to a postgraduate pharmacy program choose to work their way through college as pharmacy technicians. This not only provides them with sufficient income to pay for school, but gives them years of experience that will help them upon graduation.

If you’re interested in working with pharmaceuticals, browse our selection of online and campus based pharmacy technician degree programs and request more information. You’ll be contacted by an admissions officer who can give you more information on the length of the program, costs and job placement assistance after graduation. Through, a career a s a pharmacy technician can soon be yours.

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Lincoln Technical Institute Pharmacy Technician Lincoln Technical Institute
Pharmacy Technician
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Pharmacists rely on Pharmacy Technicians to help them safely dispense medications and other...
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