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Why Study Ministry?

Outreach ministry is an extremely rewarding field to enter, and those who do often cite the challenges of engaging people who are unfamiliar or uninvolved with the Christian faith as being the most interesting part of the job. Outreach Ministry requires a fundamental knowledge of the theology behind modern Christian teaching and how it applies to the world around us. 866MyMajor can help those who wish to further their education while making themselves eligible for this exciting field through outreach ministry programs from Liberty University.

Liberty is a trusted leader in faith based educational tracts, and offers a full array of online courses ideal for students who wish to obtain a faith based education from wherever internet access is available and on their own time. After all, not everyone has the ability to make room in their busy schedule for campus based outreach ministry classes.

Through, you have access to information on all of Liberty’s online programs. You can request more information on outreach ministry degree programs or browse the religion section for more types of programs, including Christian leadership, divinity, religious counseling, worship studies and much, much more.

866Mymajor is the place for a great variety of degree programs in a wide range of fields, all from fully accredited colleges and universities across the nation. If you have an interest in it, we can help you find an educational program dedicated to helping you learn it. Request more information today on outreach ministry or any of the many wonderful academic opportunities featured on

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