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Why Study Histotechnology?

A histotechnology degree program from the accredited colleges and universities featured on 866MyMajor can put you in position to enjoy a rewarding career working in the medical field.

You’ve decided to enter the medical field, and now it’s time to think of what you want to do and the corresponding next step in your education.  For those who choose healthcare as an undergraduate major, there are multiple options available.  From nursing and radiology to medical coding and billing or perhaps an managerial oriented educational track, the choices are almost endless.  Histotechnology is just one of those options, but it offers a degree of specialization and far more gainful employment opportunities than most other areas within the field of medicine. 

Histotechnologists prepare and analyze tissue samples for pathologists.  The position is most closely associated with hospitals, clinics, care facilities and medical labs, although they are also a prominent part of law enforcement in larger metropolitan areas.  Histotechnology is typically taught within an associates degree program, although there are some intensive certification programs available from medical care facilities and select colleges.  

If you have an interest in a postgraduate histotechnology degree or are simply not sure of which path within the booming healthcare field to pursue, you owe it to yourself to find out more.  Click the links above and request more information today.  You’ll receive valuable information on the benefits of choosing a histotechnology program, what to expect from your education and how you can turn your degree into a high paying job.  Get started today.

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