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Why Study Cyber Crime Justice?

Think cyber crime is limited to identity theft and online scams? It’s estimated that one out of every ten enterprise level business will experience some form of cyber crime each year. Cyber crime accounted for over 44 million dollars in business and insurance losses in 2005 alone. Cyber crime is a real threat and requires well trained operatives to thwart their actions of those who would do harm from behind the world wide web. An online criminal justice degree program with an emphasis on cyber crime can give you the training and skills to enter this highly lucrative field.

Cyber crime requires an comprehensive understanding of current information technology as well as a commitment to staying abreast of changes to the way security is implemented, tested and updated. Unlike most career paths, cyber crime is an educational adventure that moves at the speed of technology. Yesterday’s security measures won’t stop todays cyber criminals, which is why vigilance, dedication and continuing education are the keys to success in this exciting field. can help you find the online or campus based criminal justice with an emphasis or specialization in cyber crime degree programs that can shape a bright future for you. Browse our listing and request more information today. Technological advancement waits for no one, and neither does the criminal element that uses it to prey on unprepared businesses and individuals. Will you be ready to stop them?

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