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Metal Work Jewelry Design and Repair

Jewelry Design and Repair

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Why Study Metal Work?

Interested in a metallurgy degree program?  866Mymajor offers free information on some of the best metallurgy degree programs in the nation, all from fully accredited colleges and universities. 

Metallurgy once represented the most important advances in civilization, and is equally important today.  Metallurgy is responsible for advanced metal production, including the alloys that will build tomorrow’s skyscrapers, improve medical machinery and allow us to explore uncharted regions from the bottom of the ocean to the nearest star beyond the sun.  Of course, not all metallurgy pursuits are quite so cutting edge, but all do share a common theme in that they can be extremely lucrative for those who master them. 

From jewelry making to gunsmithing,  a metallurgy related degree program can provide you with a valuable vocation that offers the rare chance to work in a medium you’ll truly enjoy.  From the process of casting and creation to the finished product, you’ll gain valuable insight into how metals and alloys can be used to produce some of the most sought after goods in the world. 

Request more information by clicking on the program that most interests you from the selection above.  You can find out all the information you’ll need to know in order to determine if a career in metallurgy is the right choice for you.  As always, is committed to providing only the finest educational opportunities, so browse with confidence and get started on your future today.

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