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Why Study Justice Administration?

Criminal justice administration is big business in the US, with crime rates on the rise in most major metropolitan cities, townships and villages. Incarceration rates are consequently going up as well. Though you may not wish to work in law enforcement at the “street” level, criminal justice administration allows you to be a part of the criminal justice system in a managerial capacity. offers free information on a wide variety of online and campus based criminal justice administration degree programs from accredited colleges and universities across the nation.

From precinct dispatch and corrections administrators to bailiffs and parole officers, there are many possible careers that a justice administration degree can make you eligible for. Through online learning, you can earn your degree while maintaining your present job and family commitments. An online criminal justice degree program allows you to complete your assigned coursework with the time you have available, and from anywhere you can access the internet. Campus based criminal justice degree programs give you face to face training and instruction, which some students prefer.

Browse our online criminal justice administration degree programs by clicking on the links above or use the zip code search function in the upper right portion of the page to find offerings from colleges and universities in your area. Request more information today and get started on the career of a lifetime.

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