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Why Study Evangelism & Church Growth?

Church growth in this day and age is a direct reflection of evangelism. Evangelism has changed dramatically over the last several decades, and is no longer in line with the “Tent revival” stigma that once permeated the term so well. Modern evangelists are reaching out to a variety of individuals and organizations on behalf of the congregations they represent, not only to grow in numbers through indoctrination but to share the good news as well.

Evangelism needs an audience and a way to convey your message faithfully, accurately and successfully. Unfortunately, far too many evangelists focus on getting the message across without considering the audience. Audiences are everywhere, and as many churches and Christian organizations are finding out, can be accessed through business channels, charitable channels and so many other ways as well. By first focusing on who you are reaching out to through evangelism, you can better asses how you should be reaching out to them. is a leader in online educational information and college resources. We are proud to be affiliated with Liberty University, one of the nation’s best online faith based academic providers. Whether you are interested in evangelism, worship study, divinity, religious counseling or any of the many other options available through Liberty, you’re in the right place.

Request more information and get started today. You’ll be contacted by an admissions officer who can help you decide if evangelism is the best choice for your post seminary master’s work.

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