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Online college courses arranged on affordability

Online college courses arranged on affordability

Wednesday, Aug, 23, 2017 03:40PM

An information technology (IT) degree is a useful tool individuals can use to reach goals in their current or future career. Recently, created a list of colleges that offer online IT degree programs based on their costs and expense to students.

The school that placed at the top of the survey is based in Kansas and offers an array of degree tracks, such as an accredited bachelor's of science program that includes information technology. The university provides coursework for its IT degree for around $21,000, which is significantly lower than many online and traditional offering.

A New Jersey-based institution hosts college programs online for IT degrees that can be completed for under $23,000, provided the student lives in state.

Other schools have substantially higher costs for their online programs. For example, students need to pay more than $85,000 to attain a bachelor's in IT degree from two technology-focused universities in New York.

While certain schools may be less affordable, the average overall cost {of attending} the schools included on the list was roughly $47,000.

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