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Jobs are Plentiful in Information Technology

Jobs are Plentiful in Information Technology

Thursday, Sep, 21, 2017 11:21AM

Careers in technology can be exciting and progressive, for the field of work is continuously evolving and expanding into new avenues for unique occupations. Recently, General Electric announced its plans to offer more information technology (IT) jobs in the U.S., which can open doors for recent graduates who have degrees in this line of work, reports Bloomberg News.
Officials from the company said that they are no longer outsourcing their IT positions, but instead are looking for workers in areas such as Detroit to fill positions within the business. They said they plan to add an additional 15,000 IT jobs in the next three years.

Best Buy, a leading distributor of electronics, is also hiring roughly 200 IT experts for their stores throughout the country, the Star Tribune reports. The company plans on having their tech employees initiate new programs in the stores, such as help desks and offering product demonstrations.
Students who have completed college programs online in IT or who are considering this field of study can explore new positions in the technology field, which may better their current careers.

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