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Basic Electronics Diploma

Basic Electronics Diploma

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Why Study Basic Electronics Diploma?

Have you always been interested in electronics and the way they work? If so, then a career as a Basic Electronics Technician may be right for you. There are currently many employment opportunities available for graduates with a diploma in basic electronics. has all of the information you need to acquire your Basic Electronics Diploma and start your career now!

A Basic Electronics program will train students to setup, install, manage, and maintain fundamental electronic equipment. A student will also learn the tools of the trade; inspecting and testing electronic equipment, components and assemblies using multimeters, circuit testers, oscilloscopes, logic probes and other electronic test tools. A graduate with this diploma also learns technical mathematics and theory.

This course allows the student to develop skills that are useful to prospective employers and provide a foundation for more advanced skills that can be developed with minimal on-the-job training. Recipients of a basic electronics diploma are fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise it takes to find employment in a range of positions.

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