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Criminal Justice Certificate

Law and Criminal Justice Certificate / Diploma
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What is a Criminal Justice Certificate?

Criminal justice isn’t just the impetus for a wide variety of television melodramas.  It’s the action, reaction and consequence of criminal behavior as played out in a court of law.  Prosecutors prosecute, defense lawyers defend and judges and juries make the final determination on crime and punishment,  But more than that, there are those who deal with the aftermath of criminal acts, from victim counselors to parole officers, appeals courts and those working in the prison system, few criminal cases end once the gavel hits the bench.  If you have an interest in the criminal justice system, a criminal justice certificate is the educational option that can get you started on the path toward a rewarding career.

Of course, not every aspect of the criminal justice system is exciting, glamorous or in any way appealing as it can be on prime time television or in the movies, but what the real thing lacks in luster, it more than makes up for in necessity.  The criminal justice systems is a servant to the public good, and is just as much responsible for our safety and well being as the men and women in blue who protect us on the streets day after day.  A criminal justice certificate program will give you the introductory knowledge to pursue a career in criminal justice, allowing you to join the ranks of those who keep us safe and secure.   

866MyMajor offers multiple law related certificate and degree options, including several for criminal and juvenile justice.  Our affiliated colleges and universities can give you the training and education to reach the next level of your development, whether you plan to go into law enforcement, law, corrections, human services or counseling.   Browse our online and campus based criminal justice certificate programs today and request more information on those that interest you.

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