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Legal secretary degrees could lead to high-paying careers

Legal secretary degrees could lead to high-paying careers

Monday, Aug, 6, 2018 09:24PM

Washington residents who enroll in a campus-based or online college degree programs in order to become legal secretaries could put their careers on the fast track due to a Washington State Bar Association program.

The initiative, which is commonly known as the law clerk program, allows busy professionals in the legal field to sit for the state bar exam without having attended law school, the Washington Post reports. Under the program, prospective examinees are required to hold a legal position and receive tutoring from a practicing attorney in order to prepare for the test.

Participants are required to spend four years preparing for the exam after they have earned a bachelors degree. In addition, they have to pay $1,500 per month to the state bar each year - a fraction of the average cost of law school.

Similar programs may be ideal for degree holders who wish to continue working while they develop their legal career. These professionals may also benefit from taking online college courses, which can enable them to make their own schedule in order to accelerate their education or accommodate for other responsibilities.

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