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Plaza College offers degree programs in the areas of Business, Medical and Information Technology.

Plaza College also offers certificate programs in related fields for those who wish to enhance their professional skills. Plaza College, the College for Business and Medical Careers, has been helping students achieve success since 1916. It’s time for you to Learn More, Earn More and Be More!

Whether you need a degree or need to advance in your current career, we have the right opportunity for you!

What is a Bachelors Degree?

An on campus bachelor degree is an undergraduate four-year degree offered by on campus colleges and universities. The requirement to earn the college bachelor degree is 120 plus hours of general education classes and specific program classes depending on what on campus college or on campus university you attend and how specific your bachelor degree program is. A bachelor degree is the standard degree you can earn at a college or university and comes in three ways: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), and a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS). After an on campus bachelor degree is obtained, the student may be eligible (assuming GPA and entrance exam score is good) to continue at a college or university to work on a masters degree in select fields. After receiving a bachelor degree, a student can make 2.1 million dollars or more in their lifetime.

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