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New study forecasts bright future for online schools

New study forecasts bright future for online schools

Monday, May, 1, 2017 12:30PM

A new report reveals that many officials believe that online schools will continue to reshape the higher education industry.

The study, which is called the 2011 Future of Online Education, was conducted by The report brought together the opinions of top web-based educators. Although some traditional institutions are threatened by the increasing popularity of online college degree programs, many experts predict that the accessibility of web-based learning will lead to more career opportunities for students.

Among the statements in the report, Luke Macias of said that many students are realizing that the first two years of college are a review of high school courses. Thus, instead of paying tuition to attend a campus-based school, an increasing number of individuals are opting for college programs online.

The document also details how many public and private organizations have integrated Internet-based classes into their employee-development programs. For example, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department utilizes online education to provide training for its 5,000-person staff. In addition, the digital format allows law enforcement leaders to quickly make updates to important policies.

Individuals who are interested in learning about the latest law enforcement policies may consider pursuing a cyber crime justice degree online. 

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