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DC employees eligible for reduced tuition toward online education

DC employees eligible for reduced tuition toward online education

Tuesday, May, 2, 2017 12:41PM

An online school has partnered with the District of Columbia's Department of Human Resources (DCDHR) to offer reduced tuition opportunities to government employees.

District workers will have access to more than 50 online college degree programs as well as 225 specializations and concentrations. The web-based institution offers a wide-range of courses in a variety of subjects, including health sciences, management, human services and public administration.

Government employees who are interested in advancing in their careers may consider enrolling in project management training courses. In addition, a business administration degree could benefit individuals who work in the public sector.

The associate director of the DCDHR said that the new partnership with the online degree program will provide employees opportunities to grow professionally and personally without breaking the bank.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings in state and local governments are expected to increase over the next eight years, specifically in the public safety and health services fields.

Professionals who wish to work for government agencies may consider pursuing online graduate degrees from accredited colleges.

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