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College adds online degree program in financial services

College adds online degree program in financial services

Thursday, May, 4, 2017 01:30PM

A for-profit college recently announced that it has launched a new online bachelor's degree program in consumer and family financial services.

The online college courses are designed to help students pursue careers in the financial industry. In particular, they will benefit those who wish to provide personal consultations that help individuals manage their portfolio and plan for retirement. In addition, the curriculum contains some mainstream business principles that will expose scholars to corporate strategies.

According to officials at the online school, the finance degree online program covers a variety of topics, including credit and risk management, financial planning and insurance sales.

Employment opportunities for financial advisors are expected to increase by about 30 percent over the next seven years. Many members of the baby boom generation are approaching retirement age, which means that more people will be seeking professional guidance in the coming years.

Furthermore, many companies have replaced pension plans with retirement savings programs. Thus, more employees will seek independent consultation to ensure a bright future for their families.

Individuals who are interested in a career in financial services may consider enrolling in tax courses online or ecommerce training programs. 

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