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Michigan-based junior college set to launch nuclear engineering degree program

Michigan-based junior college set to launch nuclear engineering degree program

Tuesday, Apr, 25, 2017 03:47PM

A community college in Michigan has partnered with a energy provider to create a college degree program in nuclear engineering technology.

The school recently announced that its agreement with DTE Energy will allow students to pursue an associate's degree in the field. Previously, scholars at the junior college who were interested in nuclear engineering technology had to attend classes on a separate campus in order to pursue their passion.

DTE will supply the school with training programs that have been approved by the National Nuclear Accrediting Board. The college will provide faculty and resources for the program, while DTE will serve as the principal authority for the review of the curriculum's content.

Students who are interested in energy-related professionals may also benefit from contract management training, which is offered by many online schools.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals who have been trained in nuclear engineering may qualify for employment as power plant operators, distributors and dispatchers. The agency predicts that the job opportunities in these fields will be excellent over the next decade because there is an increased demand for energy and recent government legislation has paved the way for new plants. 

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