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Study finds increased salaries among postsecondary graduates

Study finds increased salaries among postsecondary graduates

Tuesday, Aug, 29, 2017 04:21PM

Students who wish to return to school to complete their bachelor's or master's degrees could be increasingly valuable in the nation's workforce, a new study suggests. The data regarding salaries of those who have completed their degrees is steadily progressing.

In 1999, graduates of bachelor's-level programs earned approximately 75 percent more than those who finished their education in high school. Today, salaries are higher by 84 percent for those who earn degrees from colleges in the U.S.

Experts also say more jobs will become available in the future for those who have a postsecondary education. About 41 percent of adults have graduated from an American college, but an estimated 63 percent of U.S. jobs will involve degree requirements by 2018.

One way for students to obtain their degrees is through online programs at accredited colleges. For example, two Texas-based universities are expanding their programs to better serve non-traditional students through the internet, Community Impact Newspaper reports. These institutions offer degree tracks in subjects such as nursing and criminal justice.

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